Roger’s Story


My story is one of great HOPE. I have been a successful businessman all my life––working was my passion––until I found my wife Janet, who is the love of my life and has made me a better man. She became my reason for living; her love pulled me through some of the darkest days of my life. A few years ago I was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer. I struggled with depression and had very little hope I could overcome such a diagnosis. I was following Western Medicine with my doctors and researched what I could for holistic therapies but there was so much out there I didn’t really know where to begin.

Then for purposes of business I began looking to for someone to partner with. Someone with a good cause and a good heart, in line with my own desires and someone I could feel good about helping to grow a business for however long I was left here on this earth. During that first meeting, I met a lady who had also overcome stage IV cancer, and instead of talking business, we spent the first hour talking about essiac tea, the Budwig protocol, ozone therapy, and things like CBD oils.This lady had a passion to help others––I could hear it in her voice. The gift basket she brought me was filled with health and wellness items like apricot seeds and detox teas she told me to be careful with when I drank! I was fascinated by her own story of hope. When the meeting was done, I went home and tried to digest the nuggets of information that were filled in this overflowing gift basket. As I did feel a little overwhelmed with it all at first, I finally dove into the information presented to me. I did massive amounts of research on everything laid out in a book she had written. I followed all her advice to a tee.

Six months after partnering with this lady, and following her nutritional detox therapies as well as the advice of my own doctors, I was given a clean bill of health––and am now cancer-free! I went from feeling there was no cure to believing in HOPE and that I will remain cancer-free just like my dear partner who fought the battle and won over thirteen years ago. Yes, Tiffany Andersen and I are now on a journey together to give others the kind of HOPE I once lacked in my very own life. I still drink my detox teas, and eat my apricot seeds! I won’t stop––I know now I am armed with the power of preventative natural therapies to STAY CANCER-FREE for the rest of my life. I found HOPE, and now WholeHOPE Foundation will enable many others to do the same.


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