Tiffany’s Story


So many people struggling with chronic illnesses have asked me, “Tiffany, how is it that you have faced so much and still look so healthy?” This curiosity sparked my inspiration to launch the WholeHOPE Foundation and to write my Beauty Bible on restoring health and beauty from the inside out. Sharing my story has become my responsibility and my purpose.

After a catastrophic accident at age fifteen, I was expected to remain paralyzed, and then at the age of thirty-four I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer.

Between those major incidents, I had also been dealt the emotional blows of a failed first marriage, two more major accidents, the death of my beloved mother, the onset of severe arthritis, bulimia, and a dependency on pharmaceutical drugs—all before the age of twenty-nine. It is a miracle that I am still here today to tell you how I survived it all. I invite you to take that journey with me in my award-winning memoir, Finding Faith (

I almost didn’t survive. But I was lucky; I found strength in God and had the love of my husband, who gave me a reason to believe there could still be something good in this life.

Maybe you have also experienced a major accident, divorce, cancer, death of a loved one, depression, addiction, or other life-changing event. Whatever it may be, something has drawn you to this simple beauty bible, seeking restoration from the inside out.

What I hope more than anything else is that you take these thoughts, these simple notes, and awaken your mind to new depths. Any of the topics raised here may inspire you to study further. My purpose is not to go into great detail on each subject, but to encourage you to research and discover yourself. I have highlighted what I feel everyone should know, though strangely, only 10 percent of the population is aware of many of these life-changing therapies. Ask the questions, do the research, and you could awaken from a sleep that you never even knew you were in.

It is ultimately up to each of you to find your path and follow it. What I can promise is that I have personally used all the therapies I mention throughout this beauty bible. Moreover, I know many, many others who have struggled with ill health who, after using these same therapies, have become stronger and more vibrant than ever. It is especially important to know that the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that environmental exposure to toxins is responsible for nearly one-quarter of all diseases. Sadly, most people still do not realize that well-targeted interventions can prevent much of this environmental risk.